Betting on Reality TV

As one of the most popular forms of TV entertainment is reality television, and you can have an interactive experience through betting on reality TV. Whether or not you understand the concept of wagering and odds is immaterial, as this guide is here to help you through this form of niche gambling. Whether you are a fan of sports betting or you simply like reality television, this is easily one of the most entertaining forms of betting available.

Reality television comes in many forms. Whether it is a competition amongst dancers, vocalists, and performers or simply a show like Big Brother or the Real World, there is likely to be competition. There are many reality shows out there, and each of them can have betting lines associated with them.

Known Betting on Reality TV Shows :

Dancing with the Stars
The Apprentice
American Idol


Road Rules
America's Got Talent
So You Think You Can Dance



Big Brother
Hell's Kitchen

How to Read And Use TV Betting Odds

How To Use TV Betting Odds

Betting On Reality TV must first begin with learning how to understand betting odds. Betting odds are confusing to the new player, as it is essentially a jumble of numbers. You will have the problem further confused by the fact that there are many different formats that the odds can be put forth through. The fractional betting odds are essentially the easiest to understand. Take the fraction, for instance a 10/1 odds, and then take your wager - let's say, $10 dollars - and multiply the two together. $10 times 10/1 gives you a victory of $100, minus the commission taken by the betting site. Learning about betting on reality TV must begin here, as you will otherwise be unable to place wagers. The higher the odds on an outcome, the less likely it is to succeed.

How to Bet On Reality TV

Once you learn the odds, you will be able to start betting on the outcome of the events found through reality TV betting. Each bet has its own circumstances. For instance, if you see that a sportsbook is offering lines on the outcome of an event, perhaps the winner, then you will have to choose who you think will win and hope that player does succeed in winning. This can be as specific as the name of the future winner, or as broad as the gender of the winner. Either way, there is money to be won and anyone who is a fan of betting or reality TV can have some fun along the way.



Top Reality TV Sportsbooks


Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is one of the best online sportsbooks for USA players and players from abroad. Bovada has been around and offering their players a chance to bet on any number of events. Bovada provides their players with a large number of different reality TV shows. If you play through Bovada, then you will be able to collect a 20% up to $100 match bonus. Carrying no short supply of betting options, Bovada is one of the most populated of all online sportsbooks. The level of integrity found through the Bovada is unrivaled, and can easily be one of the best decisions you make in online gambling.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

One of the main online sportsbooks offering players a chance to bet on reality TV events is that of BetOnline. BetOnline will allow you to wager on more than just sports, as they have more Reality TV betting odds than most other online sportsbooks. Offering over $900 in bonuses. BetOnline is one of the most generous of all online sportsbooks. They will take deposits through VISA, MasterCard, wire transfers, prepaid cards, and bank transfers. BetOnline, in being one of the most extensively generous of all online sportsbooks.

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5Dimes Sportsbook

Diamond Sportsbook International is not without its different betting lines available on Reality TV. If you want to bet on reality TV, then 5Dimes could easily accommodate you. The 5Dimes sportsbook offers their players a 50% match to 2500, which can be collected on the first deposit made. MasterCard, VISA, bank wires, wire transfers, NETeller, Moneybookers, and Click2Pay can all be found through the 5Dimes sportsbook. Though not the most heavily used sportsbook, 5Dimes sitll provides their players with a great number of available options.

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Sports Betting Sites
Bovada Sportsbook
20% to $100
$900 Bonus
5 Dimes Sportsbook
50% to $200

Reality TV Betting Pages

Sportsbooks FAQ

You will be placing your wagers on Reality TV through the online sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks are essentially book makers, a place where you can place your wagers on different events. Be it a reality TV program, a sporting event, or even an election, there will be many betting lines available through these online sportsbooks.

Are online sportsbooks legal?

- Every jurisdiction in the world is different. If you are unsure of the legal issues surrounding online sports betting, than we suggest that you contact a lawyer.

Is betting on reality TV safe?

- Some online sportsbooks are not totally safe, but the ones that we do have are completely secure.